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I really love Clickworker.  I’ve been using for about 2 months now but haven’t used that much time on it.  During the first month I think I used about 1 hour to do small jobs that didn’t pay that much and of course I got a few wrong so I didn’t get paid for those. The owner of the job reviews your performance and accepts or rejects this particular job/work item.

I live outside the US so I might get other jobs than people living in the US.

When you start doing jobs on you start with some sample jobs and assessments to get familiar with the concept and how things work.  You do not get paid to do these jobs.

The next step is to finish whatever task is available I got to categorize fashion items like shoes, dresses, watcher etc.

When finished with that one I got to a really interesting job.  I decided to do Project assessments for UHRS, to be able to compare Web Search Results.  The assessments were easy but you need to create a new user account with Microsoft. Just follow the instructions and I mean FOLLOW the instructions (I didn’t do that at first).

Once I completed the assessments I got access to other jobs.  In my case I got 100 jobs checking if a sentence was correctly read in Norwegian ( I live in Norway).  Easy case and it took me about 1 hour to finish. Then I got distracted for some days and when I got back to the website about 10 days later I had extra 3,51 Euros in my account at Clickworker.

Your current and available jobs are listed under the MarketPlace link on the UHRS Website.  The jobs you are currently working on are listed under Favorites and all other jobs are listed under All HitApps.

The UHRS website is pretty raw but you really don’t need a fancy website to do this kind of jobs.  I just do the job and leave.

When I signed in to UHRS again I got 100 new jobs or work items and finished them under 30 minutes and at the moment I’m waiting for these 4 Euros to appear in my account.

Clickworker pays when you have reached 5 Euros so hopefully my first payday will be soon.
I use PayPal for my payments as with any other transactions online (when available).  It’s easy and free.

Here is my referral link if you would like to make some extra cash and help me make a little as well.


  • Simple jobs that don’t take long time
  • Assessment to get to higher paying jobs
  • You only need 5 Euros to get paid to PayPal
  • The owner of the job reviews your work and accepts or refuses that particular work item


  • The process to finish the assessment for UHRS takes a little time
  • The owner of the job reviews your work and accepts or refuses that particular work item
  • The pay isn’t great

I recommend this site.  If I’m correct the jobs available to you differ from country to country and as I said … It’s easy money.

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