, excellent site to make some extra cash

Crowdflower is a site where you can take on small jobs that take minutes to complete and get paid to do so.

First when I tried Crowdflower I did so through InboxDollars but after a while I stumbled across an Elite login for Crowdflower.

Through InboxDollars i reached level one pretty quickly by doing a few jobs and then an exam to qualify for more jobs.
Each job item pays between $0.01 and $0.30 but there might be between 1 and a few hundred jobs items in one job.
When you sign up for a job you start by answering a couple of test questions and you have to get a certain percentage of the questions right before you can earn some money. If you qualify for the job you can work on it until the job items run out for that particular job. When the job runs out of job items, try hitting refresh a few times because others working on the same job might give up and then you can do one or two more job items.

Crowdflower has a dashboard for you to monitor you progress but it is only updated once every 24 hours.
In order to advance to the next level you need to finish at least 100 jobs and maintain an accuracy of 80%. You also need to work on various types of jobs so try out every job and before you know it you advance to the next level.

If Crowdflower thinks you got any of the work items wrong you get to put your explanation or use an already registered explanation to dispute Crowdflowers decision.

As I said, at first I connected through InboxDollars but when I found the Crowdflower elite page I decided to sign up there as well.
If you do so use the same name and email address in order to connect the accounts so you don’t loose you your work. The money you earn when connecting through InboxDollars stays there as cash task earnings but the money you earn through the elite login stays there and you can redeem them when you reach $30.

When you sign up to the elite account remember to add your PayPal account to get paid when you reach $30.


  • Easy and straight forward
  • Many jobs available
  • Experienced workers get higher paying jobs
  • You get to dispute your decisions if Crowdflower thinks you answered wrongly


  • You get paid $0.01 to $0.05 for a work item
  • The elite account and the InboxDollars account are connected but the money you earn is only redeemable through the account it was earned through

I usually spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour every other day on Crowdflower and hopefully I’ll get paid soon.


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