How we made our first bucks online

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How we made our first bucks online

A few months ago after seeing multiple pins on Pinterest regarding making extra money and making money on the side we decided we wanted in on this seemingly huge market.

So this is our journey towards passive side income.  We wanted to see with our own eyes that this is really possible and maybe make a few bucks along the way.

When We had worked on this for a few weeks we decided that it would be interesting to document the journey and give others insight into what we tried, what worked and what not.

We started slowly and tried one and one site and app at a time.  We hit walls all over the place but eventually we found this app called Slidejoy.  We tried this for a few weeks and amazingly we made some money during the first month.  It wasn’t a huge sum, only $4 and the money was transferred to our PayPal account around 30 minutes after we made the request.

After another payout of $4 we decided that with $4 each month for doing nothing we could start a blogg and try out various apps and websites offering cash for small tasks, taking surveys etc.

The $4 per month are at least paying for the blog hosting at iPage 🙂

Check out our Slidejoy review

Next we tried and that is a great site to get extra money.  The tasks are easy and do not take much time.  Check out our review of

The latest thing that we tried and worked pretty well was  Crowdflower can be accessed through various other sites offering small tasks and we tried that through and through Crowdflower Elite (Crowdflower’s own account).  You can link the accounts together if you use the same email address.  It takes some time to get up to level 1 and 2 but I think it is worth it since the jobs are easy and do not take long to complete.

Our review on Crowdflower.

InboxDollars is better suited for people that live in the US but you can still use parts of the website to earn a little more money on the side.

Our review on InboxDollars.

At the moment we are trying out other sites and apps to try to find the best way to make money online without spending every free time doing it.  Please check in again soon since we will try to update our progress often.

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