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A few months ago I started thinking how can I start making passive income that would grow slowly but surely.

I tried many things and often hit a dead end in my quest for some extra cash. Most of the things I tried were scams, paid $0.01 for 20 minutes of work or were not allowed outside the US.

Because AdWords in Google work, one day when I was reading a blog about making extra money online, an ad from Slidejoy popped up. I decided to check it out since I was getting desperate finding something that worked.

This was about 2 months ago and I really love Slidejoy.

Slidejoy works by adding a lock screen to your phone and displays ads on the lock screen when you unlock your phone.  You can also get news on the lock screen and notifications. I myself have a lock screen on my phone but this doesn’t get in my way.

Slidejoy uses Slidejoy carats as a reward for using the app.  100 carats equal $1 (when I wrote this blogpost).

You don’t need to change the way you use your phone and you still get carats each day.  In the first month I got $4 (every dollar helps when you’re broke) for using my phone as usual and at that time I didn’t even consider all the extra ways to earn more carats like clicking on some offers like Cint Surveys, Trialpay, Adscend Media or Fyber.

My favorite this month is Fyber, where I can install and play games and get paid to do it !

Each month you earn your carats and they become redeemable in the next calendar month and they pay within about 30 minutes via PayPal when you request payment. There is no bullshit or fees when you request payment.


  • No extra work needed to get a little extra cash
  • Simple and not really in the way of your normal phone usage
  • No fees
  • Great offers on apps/games
  • It’s paying the monthly fees for keeping this blog up and running at $1.99 a month


  • It takes some time to get enough carats to redeem money
  • Could be better to get more carats for completing offers

Website:  Referrer link

In the coming blog posts I’ll review some of the other apps and websites I’ve tested.

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