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I signed up for Toluna about a month ago not really knowing what to expect.

I signed up because there was an offer on my SlideJoy (review here) app and I got a few carats for my trouble and I don’t regret it.

Toluna is a survey site that delivers location based surveys right to your inbox.  You can also check out the website for some extra surveys if you have some spare time.

Make sure you complete your profile to get relevant surveys because I’ve had 2-3 survey mails and not qualified for the survey.

At first I thought I would maybe get 2-3 surveys each month but already I’ve had about 10 emails and I answered about 6 of the surveys.  You get around 2.000-10.000 points for each survey and for only 40.000 points you can get a money transfer to your PayPal account.  You can also select various giftcards as a reward and pay from 30.000 points up to about 60.000 points for them.

On this site you get rewarded fast for your trouble so you don’t have to answer a huge number of surveys to get a small reward.

About 2 days ago I installed the toluna app and I can access all available surveys from there and participate in and create various polls. You also get your balance in the lower left corner of the app.


  • Loads of location based surveys
  • Reasonable rewards for each survey
  • Simple concept that works
  • New surveys right in your inbox
  • Excellent app with a simple but effective look


  • You don’t always qualify for the surveys you get via email if you haven’t finished your profile


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